Harry Dolan


    • “Thank you so much for the opportunity to hear you speak today. Your wisdom is very influential to me as I have had the chance to hear you speak before. I know that the information & lessons I learned today will benefit me at work, but more importantly, in my home life. I look forward to teaching my husband some of these lessons and working together to create a more happy life at home with our kids. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.”


    • “Great class! I am so thankful that you extended this training opportunity to us. I would like to take another advanced course on this as I found it very applicable to my career and personal life.”


    • “It’s always nice to listen to your seminar. This is my third year attending and the “take a ways” are what keeps me returning. The tactics in which you teach really work. I have adopted a few of the principals for home and work. This year’s seminar will allow me to work even harder with these new tools”


  • Thank you for the course, I learned a lot through your examples (videos and stories). You hit a lot of important topics such as “civility” which need to be focused on more than ever in society. You are so right how listening and communication are critical for success with people. I learned that it’s important to always remember to lead by example and to give back to society.”